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Doing research and publishing it in Jurynesia Journal of Legal Research can have significant benefits for legal scholars and practitioners. Firstly, conducting research can contribute to the development of new knowledge and insights in the field of law, and it can help to address practical challenges faced by legal practitioners and policymakers.

Secondly, publishing research in a reputable journal like Jurynesia can enhance a scholar’s academic reputation, increase their visibility in the legal community, and improve their prospects for career advancement. Thirdly, publishing in Jurynesia can also provide a platform for scholars to engage with other researchers and practitioners in the field, exchange ideas, and receive feedback on their work.

Hereby, conducting research and publishing in Jurynesia Journal of Legal Research can have a positive impact on the advancement of legal scholarship and practice, and it can help scholars to achieve their professional goals.


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Jurynesia Journal for Legal Research ISSN: 2583-6927 (A Double-Blind Peer Review Journal) released quarterly, is a Virtual Legal Synergetic Platform for every scholar/ learner/ student/ advocate to showcase their skill and abilities through blogs, articles, internships, campus ambassadors and many more to help them become better lawyers.

Our mission is to help you towards a positive future by enduring excellence. With conjoint being our vision, we aim at leading the way ahead through experience, creativity and results.


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Title- Jurynesia Journal for Legal Research

Frequency- Quarterly

ISSN: 2583-6927

Publisher- Mr. Piyush Kumar Jalan

Chief Editor- Dr. Pratyusha Das

Copyright- Jurynesia Journal for Legal Research

Starting Year- 2022

Subject- Law

Language- English

Publication Format- Online

Mobile No.- +917595828909

Email- [email protected]

Website: https://jurynesia.com/ 

Address: C/o Sharwan Kumar Jalan, Lal Bazar, Near Shyam Mandir, Amtal Dhanbad, Jharkhand-828111

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